Week 9 Summary

This week was the start of our DS106 radio show group projects.

I went into the majority of the process in the Radio show progress post below. The main thing we did was get together on Discord to figure out which narrative direction we wanted to take the show, and what to complete for week 1.

As an addition to this post, I just wanted to mention that we’re thinking of taking the podcast into a different direction, where the recording process would not be as much of a hassle. I will document this more in the week 2 post if we decide to go with it. We may not be directly having a dialogue with each other, rather, we may have our own segments and splice those together, but we would still be reacting to the other participants.

For the design assignment, I decided to make a poster for our podcast.

In hindsight, I would have added an actual podium, but my options were limited with the tool I was using.

For my two audio assignments, I made a commercial for the show, as well as an audio segment to be used for either the intro or a transition.

These were relatively quick and easy to make, but I know that we’re gonna have to make a lot more of the audio transitions and background sounds to fill the show, so that’ll be a challenge for next week. I especially liked writing the script for the Hwei commercial to sell AI augmented body parts, and I think we’ll be doing a lot more of that scriptwriting in our actual show.

And of course, here are my daily creates for the week summed up in a neat package.

All in all, this wasn’t a crazy busy week, but I know that next week will be one of the most hectic in all of DS106 history, as we’re all going to be scrambling to finish our radio shows.


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