Week 8 Summary

This was another relatively lighter week just to get us back into the swing of things. First off was the sales pitch to Aggressive Technologies:

I feel as though this assignment’s entire concept went against the moral compass of Hwei, as he is completely opposed to the idea of selling out his ideas to a huge corporation. However, I decided to add more depth to his character by making him realize that he doesn’t have the funds to continue to invent robots, and he needs the cash to continue his master plan.

Here are my daily creates for the week, as usual. More detail within the post itself.

I also took spring break to figure out what I’d like to do for my radio show. I looked through some of the blog posts on radioshowideas, and I stumbled upon Mustafa’s post. His character is a fugitive that is hiding from the government, but has strong opinions on AI and it’s dangerous potentials. Mustafa highlighted how he wanted to create a show about individuals talking about AI technologies, but then having more of the character’s stories and personalities come into the equation to create more of a story driven show with drama. We’re currently thinking about having our two characters interact, but Hwei will get a bit aggressive and try to assert his intellectual dominance, creating tension while Rikaro will slowly unintentionally reveal that he is running from the law. We’ll have to find a third member that can round out our show, but I’m looking forward to what we can create as a team!

For the week overall, I’m proud of how I worked on small things over spring break, and for the first time ever in my DS106 career, I’ve turned my weekly summary in on Monday! Here’s to more good work and less procrastination.


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  1. Peter Leese Avatar
    Peter Leese

    Way to get ahead on week 8! Seems like you did a great job with all the work assigned for this week.

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