Week 7 Summary

This was a lighter work week, and I really appreciated that as many of my classes had midterms and last minute assignments due.

First thing I completed for the week was a propaganda poster.

Tapping into my research of color usage on posters helped me create something that my course character would advocate for. I went more into detail on the reasoning behind the message in my post.

Next was the PSA. This one also related to my course character and allowed me to add a new layer of depth to Hwei as someone who has a messiah complex. I used technology that I explored during the audio week of the semester, and it all meshed nicely into a very convincing audio clip.

Here are my daily creates for the week. I went into more detail on the roundup and Mastodon posts.

Finally, I did my usual weekly commenting and also created a post on how Hwei would react to my classmate’s posts. One of the propaganda poster designs in particular was very relevant to my character, and I wrote a reflection on how it related to my own story.

I’m hoping that maybe I can collaborate with the creator of Isaiah Beacon for the upcoming group project, as I can see both of our characters bouncing off of each other’s ideas in a very natural way.


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