Week 6 Summary

Week 6 was all about creating video and developing more of my course character through implementation.

I decided to do more the Talk to the Bot assignment, and incorporated my course character Hwei by making him ask Dr. Oblivion to join his evil cause.
I surprisingly learned more about coding elements in the process, and it was a fun experience as a computer science major. Most of the tools weren’t too difficult to use, and I had a blast putting together the video linked above.

The next assignment was to develop my character further in relation to Aggressive Technologies, a giant megacorporation that seeks to become the Amazon or Google of our DS106 world. I could see a lot of parallels between the goals of Aggressive Technologies and my character Hwei, so I made sure to hone in on those ideas and flesh them out more to give Hwei’s story more substance.

Finally here are my daily creates for the week. One was a poem and the other was a quick photo edit.

I took away some lessons from this week’s daily creates, but it might not be what you’re expecting.

The weeks are counting down quicker than I ever imagined. This is a blessing and a curse at the same time, but I’m starting to realize that I will be carrying these lessons from DS106 along with me for the rest of my life.


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