Week 11 Summary

After a tough week of grinding out the radio show, I’m glad that this week was much lighter.

I first did a reflection of the radio shows that we created, and the experience I had tuning into ds106 radio to hear my own show, as well as another group’s. I went into detail about how three different listens all gave me a different perspective on the radio show creating experience overall.

Next I had to do some brainstorming about what I would do for the upcoming video assignment. I decided on continuing to develop my course character, but ran into some troubles finding sources for my character. I had to do some potentially illegal improvisation from the Netflix show Arcane to fit my needs, and I’ll see soon if the project I’m envisioning will work after all.

And finally, here are my daily creates for the week. I got to do a coding one, which was cool for me to do!

That’s pretty much it for this week, we’ll see how the video project turns out and if I’ll be running into a lawsuit with Netflix in the near future.


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