Daily Create Roundup: Week 9

Here are my daily creates for week 9!

This first one was an AI generated photo of Mona Lisa if she was drawn in 2020 during the Covid era. Putting a modern spin onto this historical painting is kinda hilarious now that I look at it.

Next was to use the bead art tool website to turn any image of my choosing into bead art. I like how the city picture I used turned very linear. Some of the buildings look like they’re spelling out a word, like in the far left where the number 8 looks like it’s drawn.

The last create of the week was to upload my interpretation of “Agent 106”. I drew inspiration from the game Valorant and used the agent Cypher as my rendition of Agent 106. The use of cameras and other tech tools makes Cypher somewhat of a media enthusiast himself.


One response to “Daily Create Roundup: Week 9”

  1. i remember seeing your daily create of Mona Lisa with the mask, it inspired me to make lincoln with airpods

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