Daily Create Roundup: Week 11

Here are my daily creates for week 11!

The first one was what I would be if I was reincarnated as a plant. As a self sufficient that isn’t dependent on excessive water, I thought that being an aloe plant would give me the highest potential of surviving.

This next one is if I was a flag. Just noticed that both this create and the previous one were both me becoming something other than human.
I looked up a GIF of a golf flag and a ball. Wasn’t very creative but I really wanted to use this GIF!

The last one is HTML code of YouTube pasted into my IDE. An IDE is an Integrated Development Environment, which is basically just software used to build and edit code. I thought that pasting it into this IDE made the code look a little more colorful, but this also introduced a lot of syntax errors, indicated by the red squiggly lines beneath the code. This is because my IDE wasn’t meant to be used for HTML; it was created for Java. For TDC purposes however, it worked out as an artistic choice.


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