Video Project Plan – Incorporating Hwei in a Different Fashion

For my video project, I definitely knew that I wanted to build more upon my course character and create more of his lore in a video format. I will be attempting to use Wav2Lip, since that is a piece of technology that I’ve successfully used previously. However, when trying to find a video of Hwei from Riot Games that can be used for Wav2Lip, I realized that there isn’t a video where Hwei is talking directly forward that can be manipulated by the software. Due to this, I may be taking a clip from the movie Arcane, which is from the League of Legends world.

Hwei is not a character in this Netflix series, as he is a relatively new addition to the League of Legends universe. Due to this, I’m thinking of using the character Viktor instead.

Viktor is actually a robot in League universe, but this film goes into the backstories of different characters, so he is portrayed in his human form before the transformation. Funnily enough, Viktor is a very similar character to my rendition of Hwei, as he is a mad scientist that is an enthusiast of augmentation and the use of technology, to the point where he replaced his entire body with robotic parts to free himself of his crippled state.

Looking back at it now, I think I should have made Viktor my course character, as he is literally what Hwei stands for currently, and I had no idea until looking back in hindsight. However, maybe trying to add a personality to a blank canvas gave me more creativity in my assignments.

For the narrative of the video, I will most likely create a monologue of the pivotal moment where Hwei turned to automation and AI as his escape from reality. I will show two phases where he is initially in human form, but then turns into the idealized, robotic version of himself after a deep reflection of his ambitions and morals.

The only concern I have right now is that there will be copyright issues or that my video will be flagged by Wav2Lip or Google or any other corporation, so I’ll have to see if I get any issues using this clip.


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  1. i’m not familiar with league, but i love the art style, so I’m really excited to see how this turns out!!

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