Hwei Against a Mega Corporation: His Take on Aggressive Technologies

Original Hwei biography as a reference

As Hwei ventured on his quest for world domination through the harnessing of AI powers and creating life through his research, Aggressive Technologies was a corporation that he never saw eye to eye with.

Aggressive Technologies looked to take the AI market by storm, engulfing all of the industries pertaining to, e-commerce, social media, among other fields of tech. Their sole focus on expansion and obsession with creating a monopoly has made their corporation one that seeks to trample upon others to gain the upper hand.

On one hand, Hwei may seem to have the same overall goals as Aggressive Technologies, taking over the world and having the power to shape anything he touches. However, it has never a goal of his to gain monetarily from his research and creations. In fact, his ideal new world would consist of no monetary value on any item, idea, or being. All he ever wanted was to create the way he wanted to; for the world to see the potential beauties of the world from his perspective. The purpose of his new AI beings would not be for his gain, but rather for the betterment his world (at least for his perfect creations).

To be fair, some of Hwei’s equipment and parts of his laboratory were stolen from Aggressive Technologies, as he sent out his rogue thief programmed robots to infiltrate their headquarters. The masterminds behind Aggressive Technologies know about the research of Hwei and the existence of some of his true to life robots, but have not identified him as a serious threat yet. There will soon be a clash between the two parties, as Aggressive Technologies is threatened by Hwei’s unwillingness to back down to their expansion, while Hwei fights back against the irrational development of AI in his eyes, ruining the beauty of his craft.


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  1. My character Lady Alice is planning a hostile takeover of Aggressive Technologies. The distraction caused by Hwei will help her.

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