Radio Show Design Project – Lots of Brains in this Talk!

For my design for our radio show, I decided to do a show poster / logo that would compliment our topic.

Logic Pod: The Tech Podium is our podcast name. A lot of our initial discussion for our show was about how intellectually sophisticated our characters were. This made us think of a brain as a visual implication of intelligence, which is sort of ironic when all of our characters are talking about AI in some way, which does not function with a physical brain. The “logical” side of the equation is shown by the brain, while it is supported by a microphone stand. The overall background color green allows for the pink brain to pop, and I think that it looks aesthetically pleasing.

I used a website called Brand Crowd to enter the title, and the AI seemingly worked it’s magic and gave me hundreds of pages of logo ideas. I initially attempted to design one myself, but I got frustrated trying to use my nonexistent web design skills and leaned towards using a tool instead. Despite using AI, I think this logo looks quite nifty and is very fitting for our show.


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