Propaganda Design – Do Not Fear the Robot!

For this assignment, I designed a propaganda poster to push the agenda of my course character Hwei.

I went with louder design language, finding an image of a robot colored in bright red and oranges, and then overlaid that with text highlighted with red and pink outlines. The white text seemed like a good choice to contrast from the red and orange robot and to make it more legible.

As for the context, it is a message being sent to all of humanity to embrace the coming of AI and the robots being produced by Hwei. He believes that these robots are the future of society. Rather than assimilating the robots into human culture, Hwei believes that robots are a higher being altogether, and should replace the current reign of humans in the “biological” food chain. Although this would most likely get rid of the biological part of civilization entirely, there would be no pain, death, or suffering. Every robot would be programmed for the greater good of the earth, regardless if this new world has any room for humans or not. Accept it, don’t fear it!


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