Hwei’s Approval of “One and the Same” Propaganda

Hwei went through the sea of propaganda posters for DS106, but only one of them stood out to him in a meaningful way.

This poster resonated with Hwei, as he is also pushing for the acceptance of AI. The visual representation of how humans and AI can be linked in the mind and body directly aligns with his research. While Hwei’s initial goal was to create an entirely new robot civilization that would attain absolute perfection, Isaiah Beacon and his activism towards creating unity between AI and humans is an interesting idea that piqued Hwei’s interest.

The potential for humans to be turned into robots in the future is something that Hwei might experiment with in the future. The only concern would be the potential ideological clashes between the two individuals, as Hwei will prioritize AI prospering over humankind, no matter the circumstance, while Isaiah would like both entities to coexist.

Regardless of the outcome, Hwei would like to collaborate with Isaiah Beacon in the future to push his own agenda even further.


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