Aggressive Technologies Sales Pitch – Synthesia Video Generator is the Start of Something REAL

My name is Hwei, I am a researcher of sorts and I’m here to pitch a product that you may be interested in acquiring. As much as I disagree with your grandeur plans of acquiring the world by becoming a megacorporation that controls all, I am in dire need of funding for my project, and would like to sell this product to you at the right price. Again, I am not suggesting that I am supporting your endeavors in further expansion. I am just doing what is necessary for my own vision.

Synthesia is an AI audio and video generator that uses preexisting human-like models and takes in text to create a speech video. The human model can be adjusted to meet specific requirements such as gender, age, height, and type of voice. There are already a few preset backgrounds and specs as well, such as the sales pitch and compliment modes.

This tool can be used for Aggressive Technologies to further cut costs on physical front end marketing teams and to hone in on the calculations and strategies to sell products to a wide range of customers. As AI becomes more commonplace and prevalent in the market, I believe that society will come to accept AI models as the new norm, and will be receptive to the new style of marketing and public outreach.

This is an example of what this application can do for you. If you’d like, please reach back out and I’ll be happy to negotiate pricing with you. Just know that this is a piece of my revolutionary research that your corporation could never replicate, so please make sure you think over this carefully and make the correct decision.


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  1. Rishi Shankar Avatar
    Rishi Shankar

    I really like the way you set up this pitch and the example you gave was really good. The post looked well thought-out and everything was explained easily and clearly. Keep up the good work!

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